Weekly Recap

This week’s blogs started off with a look at Justin’s nut butter. The local company focuses on premium product and keeping their business sustainable to align with the Boulder ideals. Although the company has expanded across the United States they still focus on keeping the batches small to ensure the integrity of the natural and organic ingredients.

On Wednesday we looked at start-up breweries in the Boulder area. Due to the large amount of micro breweries throughout Colorado there is legislation in place to help protect those smaller breweries from being upstaged by larger brands. In Boulder county alone there are over 40 microbreweries, including The Left Hand Brewing Co. based in Longmont. The microbrewery environment in Colorado is thriving with new flavor innovations being introduced every year.

On Thursday we analyzed the actual benefits of natural and organic food. Leading pediatrician’s claim that organic fruits and vegetables may not be as nutritious or safe for children as they seem. The pediatricians comment that although organic foods reduce exposure to pesticides, the conventional fruit and vegetable pesticides levels are within safety limits. The post describes the direct effects of this study as well as farther reaching negative effects this study could have on the organic industry in America.


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