Weekly Recap

In the second week of our blog we continued to examine the developments in the food and drink industry of Boulder.

On Tuesday we looked at Silk, the soymilk company based in Broomfield, Colorado. The company switched from organic to conventional soybeans in 2009. This has lead to major headache for the company as they have been dealing with boycotts and less shelf space for their products.

On Wednesday we talked about the arrival of food trucks throughout Boulder. The trucks will be allowed in parks throughout the city but have to adhere to several restrictions. The trucks are not allowed to operate within 150 feet of restaurants and residential areas.

On Thursday we looked at the local Boulder organization, Slow Money. The company’s main goal is to get one million people to invest one percent of their income into local food systems. They emphasize that companies have gotten too large and the finances are too complex. Slow Money aims to create a stronger bond between the producers and consumers.

On Friday we examined the argument for lower taxes and regulations on the brewing and distilling industries in Colorado. These companies are a big part of Colorado’s economy and are underappreciated on the whole. The current taxes are a burden for the smaller craft breweries and hinder their growth.

The last article of the week talked about the importance of customer service in the food industry. Jimmy and Drew’s was a Jewish deli based in Boulder that shut down after failing to treat their customers well. A Denver Post reporter said uninterested college students who were uneducated on the products of the restaurant served him.

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