Weekly Recap

This week we inaugurated our blog with a diverse set of posts on food and beverage companies in Boulder.  So far, we’ve discussed the business environment in Boulder and some new developments taking place.

On Tuesday, we talked about Smart Balance, an organic and health foods company, which recently moved to Boulder, renaming itself Boulder Brands.  The move is indicative of the health-conscious reputation of Boulder consumers.  Furthermore, Boulder is positioned for more growth in the food industry; according to Boulder Brands Chairman and CEO Steve Hughes, “Boulder is the Silicon Valley of food”.

On Wednesday, we discussed competition and local businesses in a post about the Boulder Independent Business Alliance (BIBA).  BIBA helps small local businesses compete against large national chains.  Boulder is known as a community which supports local businesses, and BIBA supports them by offering advertising and marketing services to businesses.

On Thursday, we looked at Community Food Share, a local food bank serving Boulder and Broomfield counties.  Although Community Food Share isn’t a business in the for-profit sense, it’s just one of many local organizations which exists to serve the people in the community in which it operates.  Community Food Share has delivered over 7.5 million meals in the past 32 years, and is currently holding a charity competition with companies like Amgen, Ball Corp, WhiteWaves Food Co, and others.

Lastly, on Friday we read about Trader Joe’s entrance into the Boulder grocery market.  Within a few months, Trader Joe’s will join Safeway, King Soopers, Sprouts, Alfalfa’s, and other grocers in the Boulder market.  Trader Joe’s will be located in the 29th street mall, and in coming to Boulder, the company stresses its’ wide and sometimes eclectic mix of food.


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