Trader Joe’s to enter competitive Boulder market

According to a local source, Trader Joe’s is headed to Boulder as a part of their new expansion plans.  In early January, the grocery chain completed paperwork with Colorado’s Secretary of State office in order to start conducting business within the next 3 months. This has been met by mixed reactions of Boulder residents.  On one hand, Trader Joe’s offers competitive prices on essential products vital to Boulder consumers. Although they may not have the most diverse product lines on their shelves, the chain targets price conscious buyers to boost their bottom line. On the other hand, many Boulder residents are reacting negatively to the news of a new grocery store chain coming to Boulder. Not only does the city already have large grocery chains like Safeway and King Soopers, the grocery market itself seems already saturated to many residents. With the organic chains of Whole Foods, Natural Grocers by Vitamin Cottage, Sunflower Farmers Market, Sprouts Farmers Market, Alfalfa’s Market, and Lucky’s, the city is already an extremely competitive market place to enter into.

Natural Grocers by Vitamin Cottage’s co-president Kemper Isely emphasized this by stating: “Boulder’s the most competitive natural foods market in the country.” Others have also reinforced the difficulty that Trader Joe’s may have in entering the city. “It’s definitely a bold move for any new food retailer to move into the Boulder market, given how many retailers we have here,” said Carlotta Mast, a local editor of the Natural Food Merchandiser. She went on to mention that “…if there were one retailer who could make a successful go of it, it would be Trader Joe’s.”

Trader Joe’s has since voiced their intentions in Boulder with the bold statement of a location in the Twenty Ninth Street Mall. By stating what makes them unique, and what differentiates themselves from their competition here in the city. This could potentially clear up the citizens uneasy feelings about their arrival. Throughout this informational piece, Trader Joe’s focuses on what positive impacts they can bring to the local community. This could also be a sigh of relief for other Boulder food business that are worried about losing market share. The casual tone of Trader Joe’s seems to appeal to a wide range of consumers that include “the culinary adventurer and microwave aficionado.” Whether their arrival in the city will be a huge success or a disastrous failure remains to be seen, though our questions will be answered in the coming months.

Spencer Donnelly

Trader Joe’s Statement

Daily Camera Article


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