Food Share issues corporate challenge

Community Food Share is a food bank that serves both Boulder and Broomfield counties. One of every six people in these counties is under the poverty line working with about $29,965 per year for a family of four. This totals about 59,000 people that are living below the poverty level between the two counties. An additional 13,000 children are on the free lunch program in St. Vrain Valley and Boulder Valley school districts. Community Food Share has been delivering meals for the past 32 years and distributes more than 7.5 million meals annually. These meals have been collectively valued at $12.5 million dollars.

The company is currently recruiting corporations for the annual “Compete to Beat Hunger” Corporate Challenge. The purpose of this event is to raise money and food for the food bank. Last year’s winner, WhiteWaves Food Co., raised $225,185 and 5,360 pounds of food.

Competing businesses get 10 points for each dollar donated and one point for every pound of food donated. How the competition works can vary among companies but many have come up with clever fundraisers to create their donations. Among the competing business this year are Amgen, Ball Corp, Remax of Boulder and last years champion WhiteWaves Food Co.

The competition focuses not only on the donations but also on educating businesses about local hunger and poverty issues leading to a more direct form of involvement. It raises a friendly competition among local businesses creating a more connected network within Boulder and Broomfield counties.

Community Food Share not only helps with the county poverty and hunger problems but also helps cut down on the food waste. Grocery stores usually throw out millions of pounds of food per year just within Colorado. This includes damaged foods, items close to their sell-by dates and products that aren’t selling well. Community Food Share takes these unwanted foods and puts them to better use in their food bank. They also benefits from two major food drives a year, one based out of Longmont and one in Boulder.

The success of this local food bank has lead to the purchase of new and larger facility based in Louisville. CEO Jim Baldwin commented on the purchase saying that “With our central role in the community’s fight against hunger and food insecurity, Community Food Share recognized the need for expanded facilities to better serve the growing number of families, individuals, and nonprofit agencies that depend on our food distribution services.”

You can read more on Community Food Share and “Compete to Beat Hunger” at the following links:

Food Share issues Corporate Challenge

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Community Food Share


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